Fate of the Separatists

The two pro-independence legislators at the center of the LegCo Fiasco have been disqualified from the legislature after failing to appeal their disqualification to the High Court, Hong Kong’s appellate court.

This ruling follows interference of Hong Kong’s internal political affairs by the Chinese government. Hong Kong Basic Law gives Beijing the authority to issue interpretations of the charter through the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Now that the two separatists have been dispelled from Hong kong’s legislative body by way of Chinese intervention, many fear that the independence of Hong Kong’s legislative and judicial branches has been compromised. The principle of self-rule and relative political autonomy has defined Hong Kong and its place as an epicenter of global finance for almost 20 years. Now that the Chinese government has acted to deter pro-independence sentiment in Hong Kong, future interpretations of the Basic Law by the Chinese government, which is ruled by a diametric Civil Law system, designed to bar candidates with anti-establishment views, could plunge Hong Kong into further political and ideological crises.


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