The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is governed under a unique political system that struggles to balance its adherence to Chinese traditions and Western democratic ideals. It is a city unlike any other, whose history has induced an idiosyncratic fusion of coexisting cultures and values. Despite the handover to China from Great Britain in 1997, Hong Kong has remained a bastion of progressive thinking and pro-democratic sentiment. The capitalist system implemented during 156 years of British rule continues to engrain the fabric of city life. The personal freedoms guaranteed in Hong Kong Basic Law, which stipulates the “One Country, Two Systems” principle that guarantees political autonomy in the city until 2047, is evidence of Britain’s potent democratic influence on this Special Administrative Region. However, the expiry date that looms over the Basic Law bespeaks the document’s self-destructive nature. It appears as though the erosion of fundamental freedoms bestowed upon Hong Kong residents is an inevitable consequence of a fleeting governing system.

Though Hong Kong’s return to absolute Chinese control in 31 years is inevitable, the freedoms articulated in the Basic Law should nonetheless be upheld until then. This blog is a testament to these freedoms, and a reminder that the people of Hong Kong deserve to speak, express, protest, and live under the banner of liberty. On another note, the existence of a free press is essential to the fundamental principles of a democracy.

However, in a era of technology-dominant interaction and an abundance of highly accessible media and entertainment, it is crucial that consumers learn to identify credible news sources based on verifiability and authenticity of information. Along with providing commentary on Hong Kong’s unique political climate, I will also critically analyze the quality of news upon which my commentary is based. I pledge to challenge and question the verifiability, independence, and accountability of my sources, and evaluate a plethora of information with a knowledge of media literacy at the forefront of my investigation.

Herewith, a collection of posts, essays, and media dedicated to the examination of press, arts, and media freedom within the context of booming pro-democracy sentiments in Hong Kong.