The South China Morning Post is the English-language newspaper of record in Hong Kong. Established amidst the decline of the Qing Dynasty by two foreign-born expatriates, SCMP has since its inception been a vehicle for debate and conversation over closeted Chinese affairs. However, the acquisition of the newspaper to Chinese conglomerate Alibaba in April 2016 has led readers both foreign and domestic to harbor serious doubts over the status of the paper’s editorial independence.

The Stand News 立場新聞 is an independent, nonprofit Chinese-language news site founded in 2014 immediately following the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong. Its editorial board is comprised of prominent pro-democracy figures, including barrister, journalist, and politician Margaret Ng, as well as cantopop singer and political activist Denise Ho.

Global Times is a Chinese-language newspaper under People’s Daily 人民日报, an official paper of the Chinese Communist Party. Both papers provide direct insight into Chinese government policies and perspectives. However, the English edition of the Global Times has taken a markedly populist journalistic approach, taking a relatively less strident stance on political reporting and commentary.

China Digital Times
Founded by Xiao Qing, a human rights activist, MacArthur fellow, and professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Information in 2003, China Digital Times is a bilingual aggregate news site that provides analysis, commentary, and translation of news censored by government-regulated media. Due to its coverage of topics deemed sensitive and controversial by the Chinese government, the site has been blocked in China since 2006.

Hong Kong Free Press is an independent, online newspaper founded by local journalists in 2015 amidst widespread fears over increased self-censorship in Hong Kong media. Aiming to bridge the disparity in coverage between Chinese and English-language news in Hong Kong, HKFP claims not to seek a political agenda and places an emphasis on unbiased reporting. It, too, has been blocked by Chinese authorities.